The Vampire and Angel Wars Are Coming!

Wings & Destruction, the first book in The Vampire and Angel Wars is available for preorder now! And it’s only 99¢ until release day, September 25th. So you definitely want to grab it now while it’s on sale. It will also be free in Kindle Unlimited if you’d like to wait for that instead 🙂

I can’t wait for you guys to meet Liv, Asher, Declan and the rest of the new characters in this dark fantasy. Don’t worry, the wait is almost over!

First the vampires attacked.
Then the angels came.
Humans thought they were saved.
They were wrong.

In less than a year, the Vampire and Angel War ravaged the country and decimated the human population, razing lands in golden fire and pools of crimson blood.

Seventeen-year-old Liv thinks the immortals have stolen everything from her until a warrior nephilim drops from the sky and snatches away the only person she has left. Now Liv must risk everything to rescue Asher from the dreaded angel tower.

Even if that means trusting Declan, a gorgeous stranger who saves her from a pair of ravenous vampires. As much as Liv hates to admit it, she needs him to survive the perilous trek south. Declan’s cunning, strong, and charming, but he’s definitely keeping secrets.

Those dark secrets, once revealed, will force Liv to question whether Declan will be the key to rescuing Asher or her ultimate downfall.

Start bingeing now!