Pre-Order Immortal Bound Now!

Immortal Bound, Book 2 of The Hybrid Trilogy, is available for pre-order now! Check out this amazing cover – what do you think?

I’m sorry if I left you hanging on that rather nasty cliffhanger in Magic Bound, but I promise it’ll all be worth it. Spoilers ahead – don’t read the blurb if you haven’t read the first book in the series.


Dying was only the beginning of Aria’s problems.

Now she must overcome the dark urges growing inside her and curb an insatiable appetite. Unfortunately, the one person who can help Aria is the same one who betrayed her. Forgiving him might be the only way to get a grip on her wicked impulses.

On top of powerful volatile abilities, a whole slew of enemies have emerged. Aria’s new powers seem more like a curse, sparking fear and jealousy and marking a giant supernatural target on her back.

With all the enemies lined up against Aria, one thing’s for sure—she needs to get a handle on her powers and fast—before someone kills her for real this time. 

I can’t wait to hear what you think of the new book!

Happy reading,